Book: Journey to the Fifth step, Moina Mc Innis

The book «Journey of the fifth Step» is a remarkable compilation of poetry which make us travel through 5 sensational chapters.

The 5 chapters relate the journey of each of us is looking for Jesus.

Everybody can identify himself in this book. Indeed, it talks about our fears, our dread as non christian but also as christian. Through a flawless literary technique, using a well-defined poetic language, elaborate figures of speech, and a minded vocabulary, this brilliant author address various existential topics such as rape, loneliness, love, the glance of others, or the defenders of the planet (green).

With humour and authenticity, the autor makes the choice to illustrate her poems with well though biblical verses.

Unlike some collections of poems consisting of texts without any link with each other, it presents us with a set of poems articulated as a novel listed by chapter with a story, a common thread from the beginning to the end. Much more than a story, this collection is an extraordinary evangelization tool.

I recommend this book because it is very original, deep and skilful with a beautiful English literature.

That book will be the ideal Christmas present.

You can buy the book here:

Stay blessed  🙂 

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2 thoughts on “Book: Journey to the Fifth step, Moina Mc Innis”

  1. Greetings Daizy,

    Bless you for featuring my book! I appreciate what you have said in your review and I pray that people respond and the message reaches far and wide. As you’ve stated it is really a God given tool of evangelism, to reach the unbeliever. But as you can see, many Christians like and benefit from the poems and scriptures too. Just to mention there are actually three chapters in the book, not five.

    Steps four and five are really contained in a subsequent book that I’ll be publishing, hopefully later this year. It’s called, ‘Assigned to the fifth step’ and it is specifically for the church. Poems for Christians at whatever level they are at, dealing with growing and moving forward in ones walk with the Lord. I read two such poems at the Anchor of Hope ‘The Bride’ conference. Thereafter, I plan to publish volume 2 of each book in turn by God’s grace.

    Many blessings to you and keep on moving forward in the Lord and going from strength to strength!

    Sis Moina xx

    1. Dear Moina,
      I would like to thank you for your comment but also for the clarifications that you brought me about your book.
      I am very happy to know that other books will be released soon and I will not fail to read them 🙂
      Who knows, maybe I’ll have another review about this.
      Finally, I encourage you once again in your work and your ministry because it is very powerful and impacting. Poetry is a majestic tool for evangelizing that will affect many people.
      God bless you abundantly
      With Love


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