Be your brother’s keeper ‘BYBK’ – Part 2

(…) In fact, by performing miracles, such as giving sight to the blind (John 9 :1-11*), healing the disabled for them to walk (John 5 :5-8*), turning water into wine (John 2 :6-10*), he was at the service of the people. Throughout his physical presence on Earth, Jesus extinguished his own well-being for the well-being of others. Do …

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Am I foolish? – Part 2

(…) The consequences of negative thoughts are multiple: On OURSELVES: lower self-esteem, unhappiness, depression, fear, anxiety, stress, insecurities, withdrawal, despair. To OTHERS: quarrel, alteration of human relations, disappointment, offenses, sadness. These can lead to irreparable acts, such as suicide, murder, mutilation. Conversely here is a list of some consequences of positive thoughts On OURSELVES: well-being, …

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