Do you need help? Ask the right person – Part 1

I gave birth to the blog jesuslovyou on September 2017, after an intense time of labour. Indeed, as a writer all I wanted to do was write, but creating a blog requires more than just writing skills. And I was very aware of my lack of expertise in ‘website design’. So when I felt led to start the blog, I made many excuses not to start, but each time I received an answer.

Me: ‘God, I cannot do it, I am not recognised as a writer, nobody knows that I write’

Him: ‘Have I not recognised you? Who else needs to call you a writer?’

Me: ‘God, I cannot do it, I know nothing about website design and I don’t know how to build a website!’

Him: ‘You can learn. We will learn together.’

After a tremendous learning process between YouTube videos and multiple attempts to create the website, I ended up with a final product called: jesuslovyou blog

The blog was ready to be launched. Years after years, the blog did not stop growing and being a powerful instrument for Christians and non-Christians. I was amazed by the impact and the testimonies coming out of it. The power of the work of God through my hands was above my expectations. Meanwhile, I was praying to God for help. Not any help but the right help from someone who would share the same vision for jesuslovyou, the same love for writing and above all the same love for serving God. Only God could see the heart of the right person, therefore I was relying on him to lead me to that person.

At the end of 2018, while I was praying for someone to be able to help me to proofread articles, Gloria’s name came up to me. Gloria is my sister from church. She is so sweet and gentle and I love her as if she is my own baby sister. When I was praying, I had a few people in mind, which I suggested to God, but I could feel in my spirit that none of them was his choice.

Although surprised because I knew nothing about her proofreading skills, I had peace with her being involved in the blog and just decided to obey my heavenly Father. God has all knowledge, meaning he can read us like a book from the inside out, and he knows our heart. While we are looking for human qualifications, he looks at the heart and qualifies those whom He calls. That’s what he has done with me and that’s what he was doing with Gloria.

«But the LORD said to Samuel, “Do not look at his appearance or at his physical stature, because I have refused him. For the LORD does not see as man sees; for man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart.”» 1 Samuel 16 :7 NKJV

Later, when I asked her, she humbly accepted because she was happy to serve God.

Over a year later in April 2020, I was preparing the publications for the month of May, which is a month of special testimonies. Every year, in May, I ask people to share their testimonies of God’s power in their life. As I usually do, I asked a few people if they were willing to express what God has done in their life. Afterward, I collected and translated the testimonies in order to release them throughout the month of May 2020. But something happened and changed my whole perspective. A week before the publication of the first testimony, as I was praying for the testimonies to bless the readers, I felt a conviction in my heart to change the whole initial plan, and invite other specific people to share a testimony about the topic of COVID-19. I asked them to answer this question ‘What has God taught you during quarantine?’ I also requested them to send me their testimonies within a couple of days because I needed time to review and translate their work before the release on the blog.

To be honest with you, I was a bit sceptical, I was wondering:

‘Will the people agree to share a testimony? Will they send the testimony on time?’

But again, despite of my multiple questions, I decided to obey and everything worked perfectly.

For the first time since working for jesuslovyou, I asked Gloria to share a testimony. And her testimony empowered many.

Now, this happened at a time where I was calling out to God regarding the blog again. Indeed, I needed help for someone to do more than just proofreading. And I remembered the initial vision of the blog was for it to be a Christian platform and not necessary for me to be the only writer of jesuslovyou. I am willing (as the Spirit leads) for others to share what God has taught them. Again, while I was praying, God brought up Gloria ‘s name to me. Although I am very attached to my blog, I had peace with that option.

So one day I sent her a message in order to schedule a call and asked if she would be happy to write for the blog.

‘Would she accept and be confident to officially become a writer in jesuslovyou blog?’

Sometimes, God leads us to a path that we do not understand at first. But as we obey his will rather than ours, he unfolds his plan bit by bit and creates a clear understanding at a later stage. You will comprehend his plan in the second part of this testimony.

to be continued


2 thoughts on “Do you need help? Ask the right person – Part 1”

  1. Daizy and Gloria may God continued to pour His richly blessings upon you both. This is such an excellent, powerful, informative, spiritual and inspiring piece of work, thank you. I give God thanks and praises for your lives and the talents and skills He has blessed you with.

    I love your your obedience, love and walking in the alignment with the word and counsel of the Most High God.

    Keep writing such powerful, spiritual and inspiring words. Excellent, I pray God will continue to equip you with everything you need for this God-given assignment, in Jesus Mighty Name. Stay blessed 🙏🏽

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