Who am I?

Meet the creator

Bonjour à tous, Welcome everyone!

My name is Madeleine-Daizy, and I am the woman hidden behind the blog jesuslovyou.

I am a french Cameroonian woman who grew up in France and then fall in love with London, where I now live.

I gave my life to Christ in London. French is my mother tongue, nevertheless I learned about the gospel of Jesus-Christ in English. God has a unique way to call each of his children.

Today, I worship at Anchor of Hope Christian Fellowship in London, where I have been appointed as a Young Minister of God. I also serve in the ministry of prayers intercession, Sunday school, Young adult.

I created the jesuslovyou blog in September 2017 (testimony of the blog) as a unique Christian bilingual platform for the glory of Jesus-Christ. The aim of the blog is to empower Christian, and to emphasize how the knowledge of the Bible is applicable in our day to day life.

The bible says in Matthew 24:35 that everything will pass away except the word of God. Indeed, Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. Through my day to day life, I put into application the word of God, learned from Him, and share it with you.

Now, the blog is also a way to create connections among Christians all over the world  that is why it is bilingual.

I would love to know all my readers so please feel free to send me a message to introduce yourself in French or in English, the choice is yours , you have no excuses (lol).

Any prayer request, any topic you want me to write about, please feel free to contact me.

Never forget


Madeleine D.