Fear, an undercover lie

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video credits: Daizy Moualeu Kameni, Tamzin Murray


Anxiety is my name

I enter into your mind. All I have to do is make you see

And then the trouble begin. I blow your vision with imagination

And make my home in your brain for the occasion

You cannot see me. But I can see you

I can control you. As I rule over your mind

I am in a safe and cosy place for you to be out of space.

Although you have been chosen, I know perfectly your identity.

Then it is easier for me to twist your beliefs.

When the Lord said

‘You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you’

All I have to do is to persuade you that you do no belong to Jesus

Children of Israel ! grab what has been given to you! Success, power, peace, love, happiness belongs to you

Take your covenant seriously

No one should control your mind but the Lord Almighty

He said you must not live by your flesh but by his spirit

All the tools have been given to you freely

In Jesus’ holy book. Come and take possession of your victory.

Xx Daizy


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1 thought on “Fear, an undercover lie”

  1. Wow this is amazing. Jehovah God almighty bless and keep you both for this. I thank Jehovah God for ruling and reigning over our minds. Once again Daizy thank you for Jesuslovyou ???♥️♥️♥️

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