Addicted, I am addicted to him

He appears in the day, reassures me in the night.

When I met him, My soul was ripped

Lost in the sky, Lost in the street

Answers I was seeking, Solutions I was wondering

But I could not find any

Only he has the key

He met me where I was

Without condemnation without reprobation

And quickly he became THE explanation

The reason why i breathe, the reason why I wake up, the reason why I live.

Addicted, I am addicted to him.

How did The old me survive without him

Without his protection, his manifestation,

Was he already watching over me?

In secret, he has always been there.

But He found me broken

And thanks to him, I can BE

Whole and joyful

His majestic and selfless LOVE over me

Forever and in eternity


Xx Daizy

© 2019, jesuslovyou. All rights reserved.

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