I hung up on him – PART 1

One day, while I was watching TV, my mum called me from the kitchen. ‘Daizy, the phone is ringing, it is for you.’

As I arrived in the kitchen, I asked,

‘Who’s that?’

‘Take the phone and you will see.’

I took the phone and heard his voice, it was him.

Immediately I wanted to hang up, but because I knew I was supposed to be polite I decided to listen.

‘How are you Daizy?’

I answered. ‘I am fine’

‘I am fine too. It has been a long time,’ he continued

‘Yes, it has been a long time.’

‘I would like to see you if possible.’

‘I am busy.’ My mother was looking at me with very insisting eyes.

I ended up saying

‘Ok, when would you like to see me?’

‘Are you free this weekend coming?’ He said

‘I am busy, sorry.‘ I responded.

‘What about next week?’

‘No, sorry, I cannot. Look, I am going to leave you now, I have things to do. Bye.‘ and I hung up.

My mother’s piercing gaze was not convincing enough to make me agree with him. From then on, my heart raced and started to beat so fast that I was forced to sit down. How dare he comes to me like nothing ever happened after so many years? I was angry, ready to blow a fuse and adamant that I would not forgive him. NEVER.

What is forgiveness?

According to the Cambridge dictionary forgiveness is ‘to stop blaming or being angry with someone for something that the person has done, or not punish them for something.  

Despite what most of people would say, forgiveness is not only for the person who commits the fault to say but also for the one who forgives. The above definition highlights the impact of unforgiveness on people with, especially anger.

In the beginning scenario, we can see that I had not forgiven and the repercussions on my life were beyond my expectations. Indeed, the lack of forgiveness consumed me from the inside so that I was filled with contempt, bitterness and much more. The symptoms not only tainted my soul but also spread over my body, this flesh which, however, did not seem to be in poor health, had left the gangrene of forgiveness to settle.

What about you, are you consumed by unforgiveness? Are you sure you have forgiven every single person who has offended you? Even the ones you no longer talk to?  

(to be continued next week)


1 thought on “I hung up on him – PART 1”

  1. Bless you Daizy for sharing the topic. For me the grace of God is what I turned to, it makes the healing come from the inside and l am able to forgive and have peace. Humanly its difficult but with God’s grace we can.
    Bless you darling looking forward to reading the next chapter. ❤ ❤ ❤

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