What is your identity?

During this period of COVID-19 I was beginning to feel discouraged and I didn’t feel as engaged with God as I used to be in the past. I would try to engage in prayer but that often felt empty and transaction, there was no depth. Reading the word was even worse. On top of this I was busy with a whole heap of things and this had been going on for a prolonged period. Then at some point during this period I had a chance to reflect on some things, I then began to identify areas and things in my life that were not quite right, this then led me to feel down as I didn’t know how to address certain situations and like I said earlier, I felt extremely discouraged in even bringing them before God as these were persistent issues. All of a sudden an event happened that extremely shattered me. I literally felt as though the devil was targeting me to really finish me off. I didn’t know how to encourage myself, I would pray but the problem would still seem to persist. The next morning, I got up and reminded myself that I am not a Christian for no reason, God is alive and His power is real and He could  set me free once and for all! I began to highlight the different promises of God, I wrote them out and I would pray them out several times a day. My strength came back, my faith is stronger than ever and my fire is like never before.


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  1. Thank God for you my beloved. The name of the Lord is a strong tower and the righteous runs into it and they saved. I pray God almighty bless and keep you continually in Jesus name.
    Sweet Daizy thank you for sharing this. ♥️

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